Monday, April 11, 2011

Do Psychiatrists Know What They're Talking About?

Documentary length 2:56

This very insightful documentary sheds light on the dark secret of the relationship between psychiatrists and the drug companies.  While I totally agree that many of the so-called "mental illnesses" have been created, packaged and sold to the general public, this documentary still does not deal with the root cause of our mental and psychological problems.

At the end of this documentary, the creators concluded that psychiatrists still do not understand the root cause of mental illnesses. The writers of this documentary left us with the idea that if you look hard enough, the real reason for mental illness is some kind of physical illness. I do not agree with this conclusion. Albeit, if you search for a physical illness, you most likely will find one.

The one aspect that was completely overlooked, except for one quick mention at the beginning, is the spiritual aspect. Since the beginning of time, people have believed that some mental problems were a spiritual issue caused by demons or spirits. Unfortunately, most people didn't know how to get rid of the demons and were too afraid of the demons, so the problems were simply dealt with in the physical realm which, of course, will not work since demons are spirit  beings.

Around the turn of the 20th century, mankind became too sophisticated to believe in demons and denied the existence of the spirit world altogether, so the "Marketing of Madness" began. And the general public swallowed it hook, line and sinker. The problem is, the symptoms continued even with advanced, modern medication. Depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, anxiety disorder, OCD, suicide...

Truly, no scientific evidence can be found for mental illnesses, but we all know they exist. So, where are we to turn for answers?

It has been my belief all along - as stated in What I Believe About Mental Illness, that mental illness is a body, soul and spirit issue and must be dealt with in a balanced body, soul and spirit manner. There are many educative articles out there about how to lessen the symptoms of depression through diet, exercise and positive affirmations. These methods deal with the body and soul and most of these methods are helpful and effective.

Much of Battle Mind Blog deals with the soul which consists of our mind, will and emotions.

But what are we to do about the spirit???

There are stages in deliverance. The deliverance of the soul is different than the deliverance of the spirit. We must first receive deliverance in our spirit from deception. Then we can proceed with deliverance in our soul.

Psalm 32:2
Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit.
We will be well on the road to victory and healing once we identify the spirit(s) that afflict us and in the authority given to us by Jesus Christ, break the chains that hold us captive.

The deliverance of the spirit has to do with breaking (loosing) curses and bindings whether they be of your own making or of your ancestors. In Matthew 16:19, Jesus gives Peter two keys to the kingdom of heaven - the keys of binding and loosing:
I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bond in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:19
You have the authority to use these keys as well to loose the spiritual chains that hold your spirit captive. These keys are to be used exclusively by the believer. When we come to faith in Christ, we are not automatically released from the chains of the evil one. Becoming a Christian simply assures us of an eternity with Christ, but as long as we are on this earth, we must do the job of "working out our salvation", in other words, defeating the works of Satan in our own soul and spirit.

The soul must experience renewal in the mind, in other words, our thought-life must be cleansed and renewed according to the Word of God. This process takes longer than the initial awakening of our spirit and it's deliverance.

The following is a prayer and declaration statement that can be used to break word curses. There are other things that also need to be broken such as soul ties and generational curses. You can use the same format to break ungodly soul ties and to loose yourself from generational curses.

A prayer for you to pray (must be prayed out loud):
Heavenly Father, I am your child purchased by the blood of Jesus. Right now, I confess and repent of the effects and influences of all word curses or vows (known or unknown) spoken about me, to me or by me. Forgive me for those times when my words have opened the door to the enemy to negatively influence or become a curse to me or my family. I specifically renounce and loose the influence of the word curse by (name of person) that says (what they said).  I bind myself to the truth of God's Word that all things work together for my good. Romans 8:29
Declaration statement:

In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, I resist and rebuke every spirit that gained access and influence in my life or my family by these word curses, and I command you to go to feet of my Lord Jesus Christ and go where He tells you to go. (Ephesians 1:20-23) and I loose every wrong agreement I've ever believed and entered into regarding negative words spoken to me or by me. I bind myself to the truth of God's Word that I am a new creation in Christ and a partaker in His Divine Nature. 2 Corinthians 5:17
Grace and Peace be yours in abundance today~


dianncj said...

Nena, The work you are doing is truely blessed and annointed by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your obedience in dealing with such a stronghold on so many people in our world. We are so delicately made and without the total healing, body, soul and spirit, there can never be true and lasting healing. God bless you abundantly and keep using your gift of writing for His glory.

Nena said...

Thank you Diann. you are a huge encouragement to me!

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Nena, Its a joy and pleasure to meet you.. Yes, everyone can be diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder..and psychiatrists, as all doctors, learn to treat first with drugs...
I have studied psychiatry and psychology and I am also a strong believer in Jesus Christ.
In Psychology we learn cognitive behavour, this in short means, replace a negative thought with a positve one.
E.G. THE NEGATIVE: My friend Jane never comes to see me anymore because she no longer cares for me..
THE POSITIVE: Gosh, I better check on Jane and see if she's okay, I haven't seen her in ages, maybe she needs my help.
The Prayer: Dear Lord, I pray for my friend Jane, keep her safe in your care and I pray I am able to make contact and be there if she needs me. In Jesus name, Amen.
I don't know if you might know of this book, but it is great for all, especially men.
"THe Power of Positive Thinking" by Dr Norman Vincent Peale..
It is an oldy and available at, it is also Christian.. God Bless.. Sr Crystal Mary

ginahyatt said...

Nena, I love your blog! I love your theme and your mission! I struggled my whole life with depression, even as a Spirit-Filled believer, and got to a point where I was hospitalized, here I was a Children's Pastor at a church 5150ed! They tried putting me on so many different medications, one Psych tried to diagnose me Bi-Polar when I only had one of the nine criteria!
My OBgyn was the one that discovered what was going on. At a visit I began crying to her and pouring my heart out, and she said, what if this is hormonal? Want to try hormones? and I said at that point, Ill try anything! And within 24 hour of the hormones I was a different person! All those years and all I needed was some hormones!
I TOTALLY agree with you on the whole-person approach-- I needed counseling, deliverance from bad childhood rooted issues, and some hormones.
I really love this blog, I will be visiting often!